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Easy Magic You Can Do! 2 -Greg Moreland DVD

Easy Magic You Can Do! 2 -Greg Moreland DVD

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The long awaited sequel to "easy Magic Tricks You Can Do!" Learn MORE Amazing Magic Tricks!!!

Just like in Easy Magic 1, these are all easy-to-do, yet completely baffling! You'll see each trick performed for real people, then carefully explained - with focus on hyow to best present it. You'll also be able taken through any trouble shooting tips or additional ideas each trick might inspire.

Includes Tips Sections For:
  • Performing better magic
  • Doing a trick for the first time
  • Attaining Ultimate Confidence
  • Practice & Attitude
Tricks you will learn:
 Card Tricks
  • Heart Throb
  • Will the Card Match?
  • Out of This World
  • Triple Cut Vision
  • Boomerang Card
  • Fortune Cookie
  • Listen to the Deck
  • Tahitian Bartenders trick
  • Hummer Card
  • Drop, Flip and Roll
Other Tricks 
  • Magnetic Straw
  • Straw Up Nose
  • interlocked Straws
  • Twisting Pen
  • Penetrating Corks
  • Jumping Toothpick
  • Jumping Ring
  • Creepy Thumb
  • Color, Country, Animal
  • Boomerang Band
Card Spreading Tutorial
Tri-Zonal Space Warper

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