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High Priest Of Pranks And Merchant Magic by S.S. Adams - Book

High Priest Of Pranks And Merchant Magic by S.S. Adams - Book

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Samuel Sorenson Adams' world was filled with tricks, jokes and magic. His unusual company, known worldwide as S.S. Adams, has plied its trade in pranks and tricks since 1906.

Adams was born May 24, 1879 in Denmark and his family immigrated to the United States in 1884. Through years of hard work, innate sense of his marketplace and how best to sell his products, Adams became this nation's Number One High Priest of Pranks and Merchant of Magic.

In this book, William V. Rauscher tells the story of Adams' entrepreneurship, his ceaseless efforts, and eventual financial rewards. Woven throughout the story is the tale of a lonely man who accumulated wealth but disowned his family and who left a legacy of nonsense products that are still sold today.

Numerous photographs, catalog reproductions and illustrations provide the reader with a visual tour of this unique old-time magic and novelty company.

"Rauscher has captured the history of a company that is surely a part of Americana. This book is a nostalgic and delightful journey for all of us who remember our magic tricks and joke items labeled S. S. Adams."
-John Calvert

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