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Jon Allen Lecture

Jon Allen Lecture

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Jon Allen is one of the UK's most renowned close-up magicians. He is England's only World IBM Close-up Magic Champion, a recipient of The Magic Circle's ‘Close-up Magician of the Year', the British IBM Close-up Magic Champion, and a prestigious Gold Star Member of the Inner Magic Circle which is only bestowed by invitation from the President.


He is also the creator of some of the cleverest effects, used by thousands of magicians worldwide. 


Jon’s brilliant, award-winning magic was the subject of one of the best books of 2009, written by John Lovick, titled “Experience: The Magic of Jon Allen.”


His runaway best-selling trick, “Silent Treatment,” has recently been adapted for use on a variety of tablets, putting it back on the best-seller list more than a decade since its original release. Other best-sellers include The Pain Game, Flexion, The Vanishing, Double Back, and Rule of Three. His latest release, TWAIN, was a complete sellout at Blackpool, and puts a beautiful spin on the card to wallet theme (using a money clip in place of a wallet).


If you want to learn how to get people involved in your routines and create better reactions, this lecture is for you. The valuable information Jon shares comes from the experience of thousands of professional performances.


In addition to learning the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of wonderful new routines, you will learn the ‘why’ about them. This can then be applied to any type or style of magic you do. You will not only come out of the lecture with more tricks in your arsenal, you’ll come out of it inspired to look at how to make your magic better for your audiences



“There is a marvelous elegance and economy to Jon’s work as a performer and as a creator.”

-Jay Sankey


“Jon Allen thinks of method, but unlike many he also, blessedly, thinks of more than method.”

-David Regal


“I’ve seen a multitude of magicians around the globe and the UK’s Jon Allen is simply one of the best. He gets it.”

-Gregory Wilson


The Can-Am Conjuring Lecture Series is proud to welcome Jon Allen on his first ever lecture tour of the Pacific Northwest and Canada.

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