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MC Casino Box by Mikame - Trick

MC Casino Box by Mikame - Trick

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What an ingeniously, simple, but phenomenally deceptive principle! This is a strong effect on its own, or as supplement to any magic production. The performer shows a flat stained wood panel that has vividly colored card pips engraved into it. He unfolds the panel to form an empty square box, and sets it on a thin solid wood base. Then, he shocks his audience when he reaches into the previously empty box and produces a large silk. Even the performer seems puzzled so he removes the box from the base, flattens it, reopens it and places it back onto the base. With a few magical gestures, he is able to produce more silks and even spring flowers or bills!

This works on a different principle that is really intriguing and effective:
  • Show panel and base on both sides.
  • Open panel and set on base to form a box.
  • Immediately remove items from box!

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