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MMD Midnight Edition Blood Spear Deck by Handlordz, LLC - Trick

MMD Midnight Edition Blood Spear Deck by Handlordz, LLC - Trick

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This awesome new HOT custom deck of playing cards is perfect for poker, magic and manipulation!

This deck is based on our extremely popular and highest rated deck - Midnight Edition Blades. This deck has the same face cards, jokers, and ace.

The back design however was changed to feature weapons from the MMD series, in particular the MMD card suit weapon and the spears from the 2nd issue of MMD. We used the same stock and finish as the original Midnight Blades and also worked with the USPC to ensure double black ink which came out amazing!

These are extremely visual, more so than any of the other Blades. The backs and faces look amazing together! These also seem to look better in cuts than the traditional one color Blades, especially since they match the faces. Also this deck includes 2 blank cards, mostly for a blank deck trick to help tie the 2 worlds of the comic together. This is a fantastic edition to the Blades Series and a great compliment to our comic together.

This is, in our opinion the most visual of all the Blades and probably the best looking in motion! The artwork was created by the Comic Artist - Jay Peteranetz.

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