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Presto Pad (Close Up Style, Blue) - Trick

Presto Pad (Close Up Style, Blue) - Trick

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One of the Most Inventive and Creative New Ideas on close-up pads.

PRESTO! It's a "Table Hopper" Close-up Pad...Presto! It's a carrying, coins, ITR...You Name It!!

Performance and Versatility are the keys to this innovative performance tool!

Handmade from quality stretched velvet with a wooden base to giv eyou the professional appearance and versatility in all of your close up performances!

Opens instantly *PRESTO* for working directly with your audience and *PRESTO* folds instantly for transporting your props from table to table all set for your next performance!

Dimensions Approximately 11 3/4" x 8" (29.84cm x 20.32cm)

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