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Rotation Of A Floating Human - Trick

Rotation Of A Floating Human - Trick

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The magician gets an assistant to lie on the table using hypnotism. Another assistant removes the silk in front of the table revealing two wide legs. Then, the assistant removes one of the legs. Amazingly, the table is still level! Finally, the remaining leg is removed, the astonished audience sees that the table is floating in the air!

Taking a ring in hand, the magician demonstrates that there are no legs supporting the table by waving the ring over each end of the table! When the magician finally runs the ring over the entire table the audience is left flabbergasted!

Next, the table begins to rotate to the left! It continues behind the magician and finishes at his right side! The table rotates back to its original position. To wrap up the performance the legs are returned, and the assistant is released from their hypnotic trance!

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